Friday, December 4, 2009

Back in Fargo

I got back into Fargo last week. After a nice Thanksgiving with family and friends, I started working again at the hotel that I worked at for 3 years before leaving for NYC. Yesterday I signed the lease on an apartment located very near to downtown where I work and will be attending classes. I'm really excited about this place; it's going to be great!

The building was built in 1929 and it has a lot of character.
My apartment is a 400 square foot one-bedroom on the SE corner of the top floor (3 stories, including garden level) There are hardwood floors in the living and bedroom, natural stained woodwork in the living room, arched openings between the living, dining, and kitchen, original cabinetry in the kitchen and dining room, and even the glass doorknobs that I like. Here are some photos:

Coming up the stairs to my door (on the left)
My door again from the other angle
The living roomThe entry closet on the left, the front door on the rightNext to the entry closet is the arched opening to the dining room (with cool corner cabinets!)Looking from the kitchen, through the dining room, back into the living room
The kitchen has an awkward layout and ugly sheet vinyl flooring (with a huge burn) but the original cabinets which are pretty cool.
The bathroom has the original tub, sink, and medicine cabinet. Only one outlet though, on the light fixture above the mirror. Might make using the blow dryer a little interesting!
The bedroom is in the back. It has a pretty good sized closet for a building this age. I never had a closet in any of my three apartments in NYC, so I'm just happy to finally have one.
I don't have much for furniture yet, but it will all come together I'm sure. I'm going to start moving my things in tomorrow!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Another Shoot, BIG NEWS!

A few weeks ago I had a shoot with photographer Thomas Dozol for a French magazine featuring models with tattoos. It was a really cool concept. Each model will have two shots. For the first shot he took a snapshot of the tattoo, printed it, then used a projector to place it on a different part of the body. The second shot was a portrait featuring the tattoo. Each model's second portrait was different, shot in different places. I personally think mine was coolest. The photographer brought me up onto the roof terrace of the loft in Tribeca and shot me with the Hudson River and New Jersey skyline in the background. I haven't seen any of the final photos yet, but I did see this polaroid from the shoot on his website.
If the polaroid looks this good I can't wait to see the final pictures. The magazine is biannual though, so it will be a while!

Now for the news... I'm moving back to Fargo at the end of November so I can spend the holidays with family and start school at NDSU again next semester in January. There were a lot of factors in play while making this decision. Trust me, it was an extremely hard choice. Harder than the decision to drop everything and come here. I kind of realized that modeling industry has been changing due to these economic conditions. It's primarily because retailers and magazines are trying to reach a broader audience. Who is going to reach more people, the all-American good looking guy with the buff body or the skinny, edgy fashion guy? I hope you see where this is going. This last show season was pretty much the nail in the coffin. Nobody like me worked.

My agents and I had a talk about this, about how I didn't feel right for the New York market, and decided to try to place me in London. They tried, but nobody wanted to take me on right now. After that, I called a meeting with the agents again and told them that since things are so slow I felt it would be in my best interests to get back into school. They were completely supportive and will still be representing me. They said that if a project came along that I was right for they would still submit me and I could just come back to shoot. That sounds really expensive but I can get round-trip tickets for under $250 and stay for free with friends. You also have to think that I'll be spending around $500 less a month on rent though!

I am a little worried about switching back to the old lifestyle. I'm going to really miss my life here. The energy of the city, the mindset of the people. The diversity, the style, the individualism. I'll miss it when I'm dropped back in the land of parking lots, identical vinyl sided boxes, and people wearing the same haircuts and Abercrombie clothes trying to fit in. I'm going to stick out in Fargo after feeling like I fit here for the last 18 months. Really, the only thing I'm looking forward to are my family and friends. That and going to school again. It'll be a big change but I know it's time.

New York will still be here. I hear they hire architects too.

Monday, September 21, 2009

More Photos

I just picked up the new issue of SOMA magazine today. Now I have the photos from inside the magazine to share too.
Hope you likey!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

SOMA Magazine Cover!

Good morning, loyal readers. I just thought I'd share a little preview I got of the September issue of SOMA magazine that I shot for a few weeks back. I guess one of the photos ended up on the cover.
That's me on the right, and the designer Robert Geller on the left. He's kind of known for his hats; you like? It was a very fun shoot and I'm really liking this photo! And a cover? Yes, please. The magazine isn't out yet, but should be out soon.

Have a great week!

Monday, August 31, 2009

New Job!

I started a new job this week, working nights and weekends to suppliment my real estate income. I'm working at the club reception desk at the SoHo House. The SoHo House is an exclusive club in the fashionable Meatpacking District where members can meet, eat, drink, or stay in one of the 24 hotel suites. There is an incredible roof deck where I also will be working, hosting at the rooftop restaurant and working at the door verifying membership and working the guest list. If you're interested, check out their website to learn more about it.

This place is incredible, and the job is fun. I really like the people I work with and I can already tell that it's a good fit for me. (possibly not the case with the real estate)

In other news, last night after work my friend Reed (Happens to also be manager on the roofdeck at the SoHo House. Guess how I got this job!) and I went to grab a drink at a fun nautical-themed bar called the Rusty Knot. We were playing a round of pool and when Reed stepped out to use the restroom I heard a voice over my shoulder asking me if I could do him a favor. I turned around and it was BILL MURRAY! He was smashed and asked me to drink his drink for him because he didn't want it. He introduced himself to me as Bill, and asked me where I was from. He has actually been to Fargo, so we talked briefly about that. At this point Reed comes back from the bathroom and sees me talking with Bill Murray. I quickly introduce them and go to take my shot at the pool table. I completely miss and Bill tells Reed that he should teach me how to play pool, then exits the bar. Then I walked over to take a sip of the drink Bill gave me: straight tequila! Yuck. But when Bill Murray gives you a drink, you drink it and you like it!

Funny story, huh?

Sunday, August 23, 2009

I'm back!

Sorry, my computer broke and I just got around to getting it fixed.

So, where to begin. I went to Los Angeles last month to shoot that story for Italian Vogue. It was without doubt the most amazing experience I have had yet. The flight to LA on that Wednesday morning was probably the most miserable flight I've ever taken. Non-reclining seat in the last row. Crying baby in front of me, lavatory behind. Oh the glamorous life of a model.

Once in Cali, I took a shuttle van to the hotel where I stayed, the Hollywood Standard Hotel. Check out this celeb in his shades!
The hotel has a really cool mid-century modern design. Here's a photo of the lobby.
There was one other guy model who flew in from New York, Matt, who is also with Fusion. We shared a room to keep the costs down, as we were not paid very much for this job. After we got everything squared away in the room we went down to have dinner poolside, which we did every night we were there.
We wore our trunks down with the intention of swimming, but after the sun went down during dinner the air got too cold. Trust me, I jumped in anyway and froze! I said, "I didn't come all the way to California to NOT swim in the pool", then proceded to swim for three minutes, followed by a quick walk upstairs for warmer clothes.

Both Thurday and Friday morning we were picked up in a van to take us to the set at 5:45am. On the first day I was very excited, despite the early hour. As evidenced by this photo as we waited for the van to arrive:
(Yes, the hanging bubble chairs were fun)

So, the van pulld up and as I opened the door to the van to find one the most beautiful girls I have ever seen inside to greet us. As we started moving toward the set, she introduces herself to us. Of course she is the supermodel who the shoot is about. Her name is Rianne and she is Dutch, but lives in New York. Not only stunningly beautiful, but also very sweet and intelligent. No, unfortunately she was not interested in me! At one point in the shoot though she said, "Nathan, I don't think I've ever seen a boy as skinny as you." Not sure if that counts for anything. Back to the story.

We pull up to this newly-constructed high school where the shoot will take place. The concept of the shoot is a quarantined area with some deadly disease which Rianne is impervious to because she is so mind-blowingly beautiful. We, the 5 skinny boys, of course are all sick or dying from this. The school is all steel and concrete and glass. Very sterile, as any quarantined area should be. Biohazard!
(very cool architecture!)

We walked into the cafeteria, where we would wait between photo sessions. Also where the catering was. The three of us were joined by the other three boy models, all from the LA area. The stylists were there already unpacking racks and racks of clothes, at least six tables of shoes and four tables of accessories. This photo contains just a portion of the clothes they brought.
We grabbed a little breakfast and started fitting the clothes. While we were trying things, in walks Steven Meisel. He came and introduced himself to us (I was a bit starstruck, not going to lie) and left us to get dressed in our first look.

We wore the most amazing clothes! Think of a designer there was something there for us to wear. Dior, Prada, Roberto Cavalli, Raf Simons, Balenciaga, Jil Sander, Rick Owens, Ann Demeulemeester, etc. Rianne was in very 80's inspired clothes with strong shoulders and lots of gold jewelry, while the guys were in either all black or all white ensembles. We each had a hood over our heads, then a scarf wrapped over our noses/mouths. Think somewhere between ninja and arabian knight. We also wore a lot of gas masks as you might imagine one would in a quarantined area.

For each shot Steven would start with Rianne and maybe one or two guys, then add more guys in the shot if he felt he needed more. The first few shots used all of the guys, but especially the second day he used two or three guys per shot for most of the day. One of the guys from LA and I realized that the two of us were in every shot, and that we were requested on set first. I guess we were doing something right!

We had shots inside, outside, in the grass, by the pool, IN the pool (have you tried diving into a pool wearing Dior?) There were about twelve different areas of the school we used. Sidenote: I have no idea how the final shot will come out, but I am one of the extras on the cover. Hopefully you can see me!

So after two 12 hour days of shooting, we got back to the hotel with just enough time to get a few hours of sleep before heading to the airport to fly back to New York on Saturday morning.

I got back and switched from model-mode to broker-mode and began focusing on renting apartments. Recently I've been doing a lot of business in the Financial District, so I'm pretty much exclusively advertising there. It's an area that has really good deals, and not a lot of brokers are working there right now. I'm submitting another application for an apartment there tomorrow!

I've worked two more jobs since I got back to the city. About three weeks ago I shot a look-book for Uniqlo's Jil Sander diffusion line, which you wouldn't ever see, but it paid really well.

Two days ago I shot a couple pages and video for Soma magazine. The magazine is running a profile on German-American designer, Robert Geller. They had me dressed in his fall/winter 09-10 clothes and there were photos of us together in his showroom and outside on the street. On the block where his showroom is in Tribeca Julia Roberts was filming some movie and the street was all blocked off and full of set equipment. As we were leaving the showroom to take some photos along a brick wall at the end of the street, we took some really cool photos using the movie set as a background. I guess it was the right place at the right time. We finished shooting on the sidewalk and went back to the showroom to get our things and go home. Robert had popsicles in the freezer which were exactly what we needed, shooting outside in the hot August sun. Especially me, in my three layers of winter clothes and hat.

So that's about where I am now. I've been to two fashion week castins so far, and I'm sure there are more in the coming week or two. Fashion week is the second week of September and I'm hoping I book a few more shows than last season. We'll see what happens.

Long post! Thanks for sticking it out!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Exciting News!

I was awoken this morning with a phone call from my agent. It seems I booked this job that I was optioned for. It shoots next week. In LA! I will be flying to Los Angeles to shoot on Thursday and Friday with top-photographer Steven Meisel for Italian Vogue! I know, crazy right?

Now, before you get all excited reading this, I am not starring in the story or anything. The story is about some, as of yet unknown to me, celebrity girl. There are a bunch of skinny boys with her in the shoot... I will be one of these boys.

I just see this as an amazing opportunity to work with one of Fashion Photography's biggest artists. Who knows, if I impress I might come to mind for another project he works on... hmm...

I'm very excited. ...aaaaand hitting the gym!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Guess Who Walked to Work this Morning!

Yup ME!

I went from gunshots on the corner to a Pottery Barn. Love it.

I spent the majority of yesterday moving everything from the old place to the new one. It took four trips on the subway. Eight if you count there and back. Well, only seven... I stayed after the last one ;)

Now you need a photo or two of the new digs. Bear in mind that, although it is only 7' x 9', it is in the perfect location and I'm not home that much. It's about the size of my parents' walk-in closet, but for me it's essentially all I need. A walk-in closet with a bed! The half bath is just bonus.

Here's looking from the door to my room toward the back. The door in the back is to the half bath.
We're going to need some paint in here. I also am going to move the shelves around a bit so that the room flows better.

The half bath:
Luxurious it's not, but it's just for me so it's perfect. I have never in my life had a toilet just for me. I want to hang a sign that says "welcome to my humble commode" but I suppose that would be tacky.

I might have to see if there is something I can do with that tile (or lack there of). The faucet only has a working hot handle. To use the cold water you turn the supply line on, the water comes flowing out, then you shut off the supply line to cut the water. Classy. It's something I can fix though, just like the slow drain. The sink is about the size of a cereal bowl, so it fills up pretty quickly with the slow drain. This is beginning to feel like my old house blog! The paint in here is even more dingy than the bedroom. Luckily I have some of the old paint from my old room in Harlem that is a nice light blue that will work nicely with what's left of the tile. Ha ha ha.

Here's a photo taken from the bathroom back toward the door, kitchen beyond.
Again, the shelves are going to get moved a bit, and the walls and trim need new paint. I'm thinking a khaki or tan color for the walls and some crisp, clean white for the trim. No money for that right now, but maybe in a couple weeks.

The kitchen has a really awkward layout, but who cares with my cooking abilities. It's a weird space because you come into the apartment through a door on the East, my door is on the South wall, a roommate's door is on the North wall, and a spiral staircase and window are on the West wall. Appliances and cabinets are just kind of strewn about carelessly, but it's OK because I can make my pb&j sandwiches anywhere.
The staircase leads upstairs to the next floor where the main bathroom is, as well as the third roommate's bedroom.
So, I was coming down the stairs after my shower in a towel and I thought to myself, "hmm, if anyone is in the kitchen, they're very likely to be getting a free show right now if they look up!" I don't know how the gals in their dresses manage spiral staircases like this! (nobody was home though)

I have two feline roommates as well. There is Allie, who is a 15 year old male cat with grey and white longer hair. Charlie, who is keeping me company here on my bed as I type, is a sleek, jet black female with short hair. Funny thing about Allie though, with his longer hair, he looks like any ordinary cat, but when I reached out to pet him I got a surprise... at 15 years old, he's pretty much just a hair-covered skeleton kitty. You can seriously feel every bone in his body! I'm not one to judge though; pretty bony myself. They're both nice cats though.

Last night I walked from the apartment to a club in the Meatpacking District where I sometimes go on Wednesday nights. Usually it takes about 45 minutes to get there, and even longer to get home because the trains don't run express after 1am. It took me about 10 minutes in a leisurely stroll. I walked back home (saw a taxi smash into another taxi!) and got up this morning and walked to work. It is the best thing to be able to live in the same neighborhood as I work/play in. It's like a whole new New York!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Moving Downtown!

See ya later, Harlem. It's been... er... Harlemish.

I am finally moving downtown to a new apartment. I found an ad for a room that is available July 1st in Chelsea, three blocks from where I work. Naturally, I checked it out. The room is on the third floor of a walk-up building (goodbye elevator) that was built around 1910. The building is a 6 story townhouse that someone in their infinite wisdom decided to paint canary yellow with baby blue trim. As I was walking to go see the place I saw it from a distance and thought, "Aw crap, it's going to be that one, isn't it?" I know my luck. It's a nice building though; well maintaned and clean.
The apartment is actually two apartments combined together. When you enter on the first floor (on 3rd) you walk into a kitchen. There's a bedroom on the right, and mine is on the left. There is a spiral staircase in the corner of the kitchen that leads upstairs (4th floor) where there is an open space with a second entrance to the building's hallway on the 4th floor. The third bedroom is on one side of that upstairs space, and a big full bathroom on the other. My room is by far the smallest at about 7' by 12' and doesn't get much for natural light. I'm ok with it since it's about the same size as my room up in Harlem which also got little light. This new room, though, has a small 1/2 bath tacked on the end of it that will just be mine. Score! Regretably, I forgot to take any photos of the apartment itself, but I did take some of the building later.

Looking from the front door down the hallway to the stairs:
Looking from the stairs back toward the front door:
The view South from the rooftop. I can't wait to go up there at night!
The neighborhood is awesome, basically the area I would pick if I had a choice. The modeling agency is in Chelsea (26th St. & 11th Ave.), as is my office, on 7th ave and 19th street. The apartment? Three blocks South on 16th street between 7th and 8th. I will be able to just walk down the street to my office, walk home for lunch (save $$) and after work, walk home to pick up my gym clothes. I have been carrying a heavy gym bag with me to work since I switched gyms back in February. I can't tell you how excited I am to not have to drag that with me all the time. The walk takes me about 4 minutes. I timed it. To get from my place in Harlem to my office requires about a 40 minute commute with two different trains. I'd call that a good change!

Just in terms of neighborhood environment, take this as the comparison: Harlem- litter on the sidewalks, occasionally heckled for being white, occasional gunshots, no good places to eat/hang out really. Chelsea- tree-lined street with townhouses and rowhouses, banks, restaurants, nightlife, art galleries, parks in walking distance. Here's a photo of 16th street, the street I'll be living on.
From the corner of 16th, here's a shot down 7th Avenue. My office is in the tan building in the middle. My current apartment? Oh, about 113 blocks in that direction.Speaking of my office, here's a shot of the building
And the storefront
And my desk. I'm on the end of the row, under the whiteboard on the right.
So, there you have it. The big news. More photos once I start moving. I promise!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Oh Poor Neglected Blog.

My apologies. I've neglected you, my poor little blog.

I just returned back to New York about two hours ago after a week's vacation in North Dakota. My brother graduated from high school a week ago Sunday, prompting my return home. It really was quite the extraordinary week! Saturday night I met up with friends from Wahpeton. Sunday was the graduation (congrats Nolan!), so I saw the whole extended family. Monday (Memorial Day) morning was great because Dad took my Nolan and I golfing. I have to say, for not even touching a club for a year and a half, I didn't do too badly! I still slipped into last place, but I didn't embarrass myself or anything! Tuesday and Wednesday were spent in Fargo with college friends. Wednesday I got a haircut at my favorite, Salon Why, in Fargo. Thursday some of my fraternity brothers and I went to my pledge-classmate Matt's lake and had fun out on the pontoon all day. Friday was pretty low-key. Saturday night a whole bunch of my friends got together for a bonfire up in Fargo which became a hilarious night to say the least. Sunday was church and a visit to my grandparents in Moorhead, MN. Dad and I squeezed another 9 holes of golf in there too! aaaand Monday I flew back to New York.

Somehow that very breif account of my trip sounded really overwhelming. It was a great time though.

Real estate is going really well. I've closed four deals so far, allowing me to actually support myself and pay all of my bills myself for the first time since I moved here. I have to say it feels pretty good!

Now I just need to get back into the swing of things. Especially getting back to the gym and back following a healthy diet. It's amazing what kinds of foods I revert back to when I'm home. There was a lot of fried food and sweets happening in ND... I need to get back in shape ASAP!!!

I'm going to go to bed now so I can get up for work in the morning. My own bed again! Yes!

Friday, May 1, 2009

Happy Birthday to Me! (tomorrow)

Tomorrow is my birthday. Kinda irrelevant to the post but, whatever.

I'm in the process of closing my second deal, so that's the latest on the real estate front.

I picked up my payment from the Shipley & Halmos show: shirt and pants. I haven't opened them up yet, but I probably will soon. I'm just feeling a little lazy right now. You should be happy I'm even taking the effort to type!

And Men isn't out yet, so no photos. Sorry!

I booked a job for next Saturday, although I have no idea what I'm shooting for. They needed someone who can wear a 29 inch waist. I'm probably more of a 28, but I'll just eat something before I show up to the shoot.

I am meeting with three European agencies next week, which I am really excited about. I meet with Success Model Management in Paris on Monday, Ford Models in Paris and Fashion Model Management in Milan on Wednesday. I hope I get picked up so I can do some work in Europe. Cross your fingers for me!

That's about it for me right now. Have a great weekend everyone!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Dedicate Magazine

No, I didn't get a copy of the magazine yet. I spoke with my awesome booker yesterday and he hunted down some digital copies for me. Aaaand now I'm sharing them with you.

So there you have it. I hope it was worth the wait! Now I just have to wait for the And Men magazine to come out.

Photos... Finally!

You might remember that I wrote about a spec hair editorial back on November 4th and, well, I finally found the photos. They didn't run in a magazine but I found them on the photographer's website. Not exactly what I hoped they would look like, but they're cool. Definitely not how I've ever seen myself before!

The guy on the left in the bottom two photos is my friend Casey from Fusion. I probably could have cut him out of the shots, but I'm lazy and you can get a sense of what the photographer was going for. That and I like how she used orange background, purple light for me and the opposite for him. Contrast.

Sorry it's been so long since my last post. I've been really busy getting started with real estate. I'm going to be going back to Wahpeton a week from tomorrow for a few days for my twin sisters' confirmation. I am really excited to get back again and see everyone.

For Easter I took a little trip down to Washington DC to spend the weekend with one of my fraternity brothers from college. It was really just what I needed: to get out of the city for a while. He picked me up from the bus station in his new convertible Corvette! Good times. He then decided that over the course of the weekend I would have to eat my body weight in red meat. I guess he thought I was looking a little thin! He made the best prime rib with mashed potatoes, gravy, stuffing and blueberry pie. It was a great weekend.

OK, that should have you all caught up. I'm going to put some more photos now, but I'll start a new post. I guess it's the day for photos!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Fargo Floods and Real Estate Adventures

It's been a really busy week for me! I started my job as a real estate agent last Saturday and I've been running around the city all week showing and previewing apartments. I haven't gotten too much sleep and I haven't been to the gym in a week. I need to figure out how I am going to do this job and fit everything in every day. I like the job even though I feel a little over my head still. There's just a lot to learn before I feel confident out in the field. I'm sure it will all fall into place in time.

I feel really helpless with the whole flooding situation in North Dakota. Everyone I've talked to from back at home has been putting in long hours sandbagging. I wish there was some way I could help but geographically that isn't really possible. I wonder if the basement of my old house is dry. It is far enough from the river that it wouldn't be in the flood plain, but I wonder if it would come up from the drain in the floor. I guess it isn't my problem anymore! As far as my family goes, I think everyone should be safe. If any water made it out to their houses it would be a really big disaster for the city because they live quite a few blocks from the river.

...still no magazines to report.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Photo Shoot Today!

Today I had a photoshoot for And Men magazine. It's an Australian magazine with a focus on hair styles. The beauty story we shot today had 5 models, all from Fusion, and it will cover ten pages in the magazine. Do the math, and I get two pages. The photos were beauty shots, meaning shoulders up with creative hair styling. The magazine will be out in April... who knows, maybe I'll get this one before Dedicate. I looked again today and it's still not there.

For this shoot, they cut the back and sides of my hair down, but left the top long. Exactly what I would have done if I had picked it myself. Here's a picture after I got done with the shoot.The styling of the hair for the pictures was pretty interesting. One shot had curly hair and the other had wavy, wispy type hair. The mood for the story was a romantic, melancholy feeling. I saw some of the photos as the photographer downloaded them onto her computer and they looked pretty good. I think they are all going to be in black and white, so that should be interesting.

Then I went on a casting for Modern Bride. What? I don't really think that's my market! Ha!

Monday, March 9, 2009

New Job

Well, ladies and gents, I passed my exam for my New York Real Estate license. After a couple interviews, I was also offered a position with Citi Habitats in their Chelsea office on 7th Ave and 19th street. (Conveniently located off of the same subway line as my apartment!) I will be starting the week of training on Monday the 16th and ready to start working on the 23rd. I'm really excited and I can't wait to see how it goes!

Sorry about the magazine photos. I have been to the magazine shop twice and they haven't received the French magazines for two weeks. They are expecting them this week, but who knows. That's what they said about last week. I'm growing impatient!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Exam Tomorrow!

Tomorrow morning I am going to take my NY Real Estate License Exam. Wish me luck!

I am also going to run to a magazine shop to find a rather hard-to-find French magazine. One that about 3/4ths of my face is on the cover of! The editorial I shot back in December for Dedicate magazine came out in France last week and should be dropping here in New York this week. I found a shop's website that said they carry the magazine, so I'll swing by tomorrow sometime. I'll share pics as soon as I get them!

We had a snowstorm last night and schools were cancelled today. Transportation was a nightmare and I only left the apartment to go do laundry on the first floor. I did go a bit stir-crazy after dinner so I went to the gym. I thought we were done with this snow... it reminded me of North Dakota outside today. The part of North Dakota I DON'T miss!!!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Sunday Afternoon in the Park

I walked for Akiko Ogawa yesterday in the Salon at Bryant Park and it was incredible. Being in the tents made the backstage situation much more chaotic, but it was a great experience. After being shuffled around to makeup and hair, I pretty much stood around for an hour and a half until it was time to get dressed for the show.

I wore all black. I could describe it but the photo should really speak for itself.(photo from
Pretty wicked side-part, huh? That sucker was hard as a rock. It only took two washes to get out though, verses the four times for the hair wax from Shipley & Halmos.

Here's the finale. I was fourth in line. I can't wait to get back onto the runway again! (photo from the

Friday, February 13, 2009

Shipley & Halmos Show

Well, today started off not looking too good. I called the agency because I never received an email about when I should show up for the show. I was told that they never confirmed me for the show... so I was out. Craptacular. I got ready for the day and headed downtown for some comfort food in the form of a gigantic chicken queso burrito at Qdoba. It was delicious. Nothing like emotional eating during fashion week. I'm pretty sure that's breaking a big rule in the model handbook.

At any rate, I was walking from Qdoba toward the Magnolia Bakery (world renowned for their cupcakes) to cap off my emotional eating binge when my phone rang. Apparently there was some communication mixup and I was going to be in the show after all. It was just after 2pm, and the models were all supposed to be there at 1. I hailed a cab and we sped over to the gallery where the show was held. I got there just in time for the runthrough before the show.

After we did the runthrough, I sat down for hair and makeup. Hair was a giant pompedor, about three or four inches high, and the makeup was done to accentuate and sharpen the cheekbones.

We all scrambled to get the clothes on and then lined up for the show to start. I wore a woven shirt, suit, and double-breasted overcoat. It was a really nice outfit! It was such a rush as the line ahead of me got shorter and shorter. Finally I had made my way up to the exit and I felt the production assistant's hand on my back, signaling me to start. I stepped out into the light and started my way down the zig-zaging runway. You have no idea the adrenaline rush that takes place at that moment. It was absolutely amazing! I can't wait to do it again on Sunday, but this time it will be in the tents in Bryant Park. The big time!!!

I was only able to find one photo on the internet at this point, but you can see how I was styled. Check out how skinny my legs look in the tailored pants!!!
For the finale they sent out all of the models in a parade, one after another, down the zig zag runway. I found this photo on the internet somewhere and, so it isn't like a 'Where's Waldo' or anything, I tagged myself. It caught me mid-stride, but it's still a really cool picture of the finale.After I was finished, my friend Ryan and I went back to our agency. We have hung out a lot over the last couple weeks because we had mostly the same castings. We were each really glad the other was in the show, since we were the only two models from our agency that were cast. After gushing about the show to our bookers for a few minutes we left. I went to the gym and ran a few miles, then went home and rewarded myself for a job well done... with ice cream. I always get myself ice cream after a shoot or a show. Good stuff.

I'll keep you posted if I run across any other photos. There were a lot of photographers backstage so I bet I'll find some good candid ones of models hanging out behind the scenes and getting styled up for the show.