Friday, December 4, 2009

Back in Fargo

I got back into Fargo last week. After a nice Thanksgiving with family and friends, I started working again at the hotel that I worked at for 3 years before leaving for NYC. Yesterday I signed the lease on an apartment located very near to downtown where I work and will be attending classes. I'm really excited about this place; it's going to be great!

The building was built in 1929 and it has a lot of character.
My apartment is a 400 square foot one-bedroom on the SE corner of the top floor (3 stories, including garden level) There are hardwood floors in the living and bedroom, natural stained woodwork in the living room, arched openings between the living, dining, and kitchen, original cabinetry in the kitchen and dining room, and even the glass doorknobs that I like. Here are some photos:

Coming up the stairs to my door (on the left)
My door again from the other angle
The living roomThe entry closet on the left, the front door on the rightNext to the entry closet is the arched opening to the dining room (with cool corner cabinets!)Looking from the kitchen, through the dining room, back into the living room
The kitchen has an awkward layout and ugly sheet vinyl flooring (with a huge burn) but the original cabinets which are pretty cool.
The bathroom has the original tub, sink, and medicine cabinet. Only one outlet though, on the light fixture above the mirror. Might make using the blow dryer a little interesting!
The bedroom is in the back. It has a pretty good sized closet for a building this age. I never had a closet in any of my three apartments in NYC, so I'm just happy to finally have one.
I don't have much for furniture yet, but it will all come together I'm sure. I'm going to start moving my things in tomorrow!