Tuesday, December 23, 2008

On the Set - Pics!

I forgot to put my battery in my camera on Friday, so I wasn't able to take any photos in the studio. Luckily, the stylist's assistant took some photos and posted them on her facebook. Without further ado,

The Studio in SoHo where we shot:Accessories table. Fun stuff!Hanging out with the other models & the stylist. I'm in the yellow jacket on the left. It was wicked-cold in the studio and there was only one heater, up on the ceiling. Guess where the fan blew the heat. Yeah, we pretty much didn't move from that spot unless we were needed by the photographer.The finishing touches. Yep, I always keep it classy.Lovin' it! I had so much fun & I hope I get to do another shoot really soon!

Fresh Photos

I had a really great casting on Thursday which turned into a booking for the job! The next day, Friday, I shot an editorial spread for Dedicate magazine in France. There were four of us guys and one girl, all from my agency. It was my first time shooting with any other models, since everything I've done so far has been test shoots by myself. It was a lot of fun and I'm excited to see the finished product. The photographer was great and helped me out a lot. He taught as he shot, so I walked out of the studio with more confidence in my modeling abilities. We were there from 9am to almost 6pm, but I kept on saying throughout the day that I wish I could do this as my job every day. Maybe someday...

The shoot wasn't a paid job, but it doesn't really matter much. What I really need are some tearsheets in my book from magazines, so this worked out perfectly. Since we weren't getting paid, the photographer took solo portraits as he was working, just to help our books. He was so nice! I'll share photos as soon as I get them. The agency is closed for the holidays and doesn't reopen until January 6th, so don't expect anthing soon.

Having just returned home after only a month since my last visit, it's great to be able to have something new to talk about when everyone asks the same question, "how has modeling been going?"

The answer? I'm having so much fun!

Monday, December 22, 2008

Christmas on 5th Ave.

Here I am, reporting from North Dakota again! I got into Fargo at 10:30 and by 11:30 I was signing away my house to its new owner. I'm staying here until the first of January, then it's back to New York.
A few days before I left, in a desperate attempt to get into the Christmas spirit, I took a walk down 5th avenue to see the lights and window displays. Here's what I saw:
I started at Rockafeller Center. Of course the tree was amazing.
It's actually on 6th Ave, but I checked out Radio City Music Hall.Saks had some impressivew snowflakes covering the front of the building that flashed along to Christmas songs.
The snowflake theme continued into their window displays. The animated displays were pretty cool. Check out this one depicting a sudden snowfall.
Here are a couple more of their animated window displays.
Cartier was all wrapped up like a giftThe window display featured a wall of Cartier boxes. The boxes would open one at a time and out would slide a different piece of jewelry. (sorry for the bad pic)But for I much prefered the windows at Tiffany's. Look at this amazing peackock, dressed in diamonds.An aquamarine bracelet made quite a nice necklace for the little lady.Peacocks showed up in at least four of the stores' displays. Look at this one from Juicy Couture. (I think that gift is a horse)This window wasn't particularily Christmas-y but I just love Prada. That suit would look absolutely killer on me!Burberry followed a gold theme too with rows of black, gold, and bronze glass icicles as a background. If anyone needs gift ideas, I would like very much this black trench coat:Louis Vuitton made their iconic emblems into light displays which was a cool idea, but ultimately it reminded me of those light-up reindeer and santa ornaments you can buy at Walmart. Better luck nexg year LV!The intersection of 5th and 58th had a giant snowflake that shimmered and flickered. I'd hate for that to fall on my taxi.The best windows in my opinion were at Bergdorf Goodman. The mens windows featured cold-weather animals dressed to impress while playing sports of some type. Looky:Across the street at the womens part of Bergdorf Goodman there was a cool window with a woman playing chess with an owl.There were two vignettes with great dresses (one lady has a bird head)The most spectacular windows were the windows displaying the four seasons. I heard that the displays took eight months to create. They were so intricate and detailed that I would completely believe it.
Winter again. Absolutely insane. The whole time I was looking at these windows I had my ipod playing the Charlie Brown Christmas music. It was just what I needed to snap me into the spirit of the season.