Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Magazines (Finally)

The last shoot I did while still in NYC finally came out in print this month. The focus of the shoot was on tattoos, if you remember from my previous post. Here's the final result:
I can't say that I'm completely excited with the end product, what with my face looking like that in the first photo and it being completely cropped out of the second, but I did get two full pages of the magazine to myself. That's pretty cool.

I also just realized that I never shared photos from the Italian Vogue shoot. These are some scans from the story that was featured in the November '09 issue. As I believe I said in a previous post, the wardrobe covered our faces so I'll have to tell you which one of the guys I am.

I'm one of those guys in the back with the suitcase. I have no idea which one.

I'm dead center, stepping over the flawless Rianne Ten Haken as she grabs for my foot. True story: In one of the shots I actually kicked her hand by accident!

I'll give you a hint on this one: I'm not wearing a dress...

On this one I'm directly to the left of Rianne's face. I'm the palest one if that helps. Like, matching-the-white-jumpsuit pale.

I'm either on the far left or the far right. Who knows.

I looked at this picture and got really confused at first. There were only five male models for this shoot but there are six of us in this photo. During the shoot there were three of us running past Rianne and the boy with the oxygen tank. They just used two of us again on the far right! So, of the pack of 5 running boys, I'm the one out front and the one on the far left. Cool huh?

I'm on the diving board on the far left, reaching for the water. In the magazine you can actually see the tattoo on my wrist, which is nice so I can actually prove that it's me in the story since our faces never make an appearance!

Well, that catches you up to the present in my now-defunct modeling career. It's fashion week in New York right now and I'm sitting on the floor in Fargo looking at photos of shows I desperately wish I could be in. I see pictures of my friends still living the life out there and it really makes me sad that I'm back.

Now I'm just holding on for Spring Break. I'm going back for 7 days of friends, shopping, and being in the city I love. Can't wait!