Sunday, November 30, 2008

I'm Back!

Well, I'm back in New York again. It was great to be able to visit my family, friends and just familiar places. I got my computer fixed while I was in Fargo, so get ready for... NYC PICTURES!!!

I've taken some good ones but haven't had the opportunity to share until now. Forgive me, there are quite a few that I've been waiting to share!

First, from a little day-trip to Roosevelt Island. Here is a photo of the bridge and the tram that we took to the island. It was basically like a huge ski-lift that carried us across the river. The tram isn't in the shot but you can see the two cables it rides on to the right of the bridge.

We stopped in this little deli/grocery store and there was this super-friendly cat there. I took a pic of him because he was so nice.
Next, from a catering job I worked on Halloween. This party was incredible; the most extravagant party I've ever seen. The venue was an old synagogue that is now an events space. It was all lit with candles and colored lights and dry ice filled the place with a mysterious fog. It was incredible!They had all of the waiters wear these stupid skull shirts, but the face painting was pretty cool. They hired air-brush artists to paint everyone's faces. I kinda thought my first air-brush experience would be with modeling, but oh well.
Now to the park! I visited a traveling art exhibit by Chanel a few weeks ago. The building is completely portable and was designed by famed architect Zaha Hadid. The pieces inside were all based on the iconic Chanel quilted purse. It was really interesting.
Of course, I couldn't not post photos of Central Park in the fall!
My favorite place in the park: Bethesda Fountain
Finally, here's a picture of a fountain down in Chelsea near where I work. I guess they forgot to turn off the water once it started freezing. It looks pretty cool, but I'd assume there is some sort of damage going on here.I had a great trip home, but it's good to be back. I'll be posting more soon!

Friday, November 21, 2008

Fourteen Hours Away... Should I Be Packing Now?

I probably should, right? Oh well, I can sleep on the plane.

It seems that I've been tagged by my Sandy, at Curly's Corner to share seven random or weird Book facts about myself.

This may be particularily hard for me because I'm not that big of a recreational reader. Here we go.

1. The worst critique I received in Architecture school was on a design for a library addition. It was a hot mess and I knew it, but I tried to sell it as best as I could. It was especially sad because I know I could have done a really interesting design had I actually put some effort into it. (that's kinda about books, right?)

2. I've read two books since I moved to New York and I've just started a third. I suppose I'll finish it while I'm schlepping through airports and sitting bored out of my mind on planes. You may be thinking big deal, two and a half books. It IS a pretty big deal when the last recreational reading I did was... wait... when was it? At least 2+ years ago.

3. I can't help but fall asleep when I'm reading. Especially textbooks. Most notedly textbooks with 40+ pages dedicated to the fascinating topic of structural properties of concrete. Riveting.

4. Reading a book on the subway makes the commute seem much shorter.

5. The best book (besides the Bible) that I own is the Home Depot's Home Repair 123. It explains everything that the owner of a crumbling 80 year old house would ever need to know and illustrates it fantastically with photos. Yet another reason I love the 'Depot.

6. I frequently 'space out' while I'm reading. I'll finish a page, start to turn the page, then realize that I have no idea what is printed on that page I just finished. My eyes looked at the words but my mind was on something else completely unrelated to the book. Adoral anyone?

7. My favorite people to be around are people who are well read. I really enjoy conversations with people who are knowledgeable in a variety of subjects because I learn so much from them. It's great to talk with someone who is articulate and has a great vocabulary. Those conversations always make me want to learn more to speak eloquently.

Alright, I realize that not a lot of this was actually about books, but I tried. Had this been about magazines I would have had quite a lot to share. Sorry Sandy! I'm getting better though... 3 books a year is better than 0 books in 2 years.

Still no further photos to post. I was hoping to get them back before I left for NoDak but I guess I will just have to keep waiting and, subsequently, so will you.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

ND in 3

I'm leaving for North Dakota in 3 days! Friday morning I'll be flying out from NY and, after a short layover in Minneapolis, I'll be landing in Fargo for dinner. I'm going to be back on Saturday, Nov 29th with my computer fixed so I can start posting photos again. Trust me, I have some great photos to share just sitting in my camera, waiting to be released.

I'm still waiting to get the photos back from that hair shoot two weeks ago. I'm really not a patient person so between waiting to get the photos back, waiting to see what happens with European agencies, and waiting to hop that plane home I'm pretty much going crazy right now.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008


I checked the agency's website today and three of the photos from my shoot on Sunday were posted. I'm not sure if any other shots turned out, but they must have liked at least these three.

This first one I'm not sold on. I think I look a little bewildered in it. I don't know.
This next one is pretty good, but I have a lot of photos of my profile already. I've been told that I have a really good, unique profile but I really need to get good photos from other angles. Yeah, I'm showing some leg...
This one is my favorite. 100%! It's so high-fashion!
I'll have to see if any other pictures turned out when I visit the agency next. Probably Friday. I'm quite a bit more excited to get the photos back from Tuesday. I felt better about how that shoot was going anyway.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Shoot Today: Fun Fun!!!

First of all, you should hear Harlem right now. Cars honking and people shouting in the streets. Complete madness! Reed cooked a really nice dinner tonight and we were enjoying some wine when the election was called, so we grabbed the bottle and ran up to the rooftop and watched it all unfold. It's crazy out there!

Today I had so much fun at my photoshoot! It was a spec shoot for a hair editorial that will hopefully be popping up in a magazine soon. The concept was really edgy and avant garde, kind of an eighties, angry vibe to it. I showed up at 10am and sat down for the hair and makeup. The hair was caked in hair products and slicked into different shapes. The look was a bit dark with highlights of different colors of light. To get the light to illuminate the skin in an interesting way they covered my face, neck and shoulders with baby oil. I was so greasy! Each look had a different pop of color. The first one I had a pink stripe under my left eye with white on the eyelid, the second had teal on the eyelids, and the last shot had bright blue lips. It was pretty intense. For each shot the photographer had me twist my shoulders into intersting positions and crank my neck in a strange angle then then we went for the emotion. Angry! Scowling and clenched jaws and angry stares. It turned out to be really interesting and I can't wait to share the photos. I'll find out in about a week which, if any, magazine picked up the story. If nothing else it will add some diversity to my book. It was just fun to play around with an edgy look today.

I should be getting the photos from my shoot on Sunday tomorrow sometime, so I'll throw those on here soon.

NoDak in 17 days!!!

2 shoots in 3 days!!!

Things are going SO well for me this week! I had a photoshoot yesterday with Thomas Lohr that went really well. It was a test shoot (a big deal since he doesn't do tests) but it sounds like he might try to get the pics published. The clothes were amazing too, all 2009. I wore Lacoste, Burberry, Gucci, Jil Sander, Fendi, Moschino and Hermes. Incredible! I talked with my bookers today and the photographer was very happy with the results. I'll be able to see the photos in a couple days and I'll share them as soon as I can.

My booker also told me that an agency in Milan requested to have a video of me sent. This looks good!

I also booked a photoshoot for tomorrow! It is a spec shoot for a hair magazine. Yup, I'd be a hair model! Good thing too, 'cause in hair photos you won't be able to see that I just got done eating a pint of Haagen Dazs.

I worked my first day at Brooklyn Industries today. It was a lot better than my old job so I'm pretty happy.

My roommate Reed and I are going to Central Park tomorrow to hang out and see the changing foliage. He lent me a book that I'm going to start reeding. He said I'll like it a lot. I'd share the name if I remembered it; It's in my room and I'm to lazy to walk across the hall.

AND I'm going to be in NoDak in 17.5 days. I've had such a good day.